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What is a Beit Midrash?


A "House of Learning"


This is a weekly in-depth study of the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith. 

We strive to find the meaning of passages and concepts given in the Biblical text
using history, archeology, and language as aids in the search for truth.


The Beit Midrash is held in the home of Kevin and Maureen Hayslett

We will take a two week break: No Beit Midrash April 18 or April 25.

Classes will resume May 2nd.

Join us Thursdays from 7-8pm



This week's topic:
The Scriptures of the 1st Century



Suggested Reading:

Biven/Blizzard"Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus",
   New insights from a Hebraic perspective
     by David Biven & Roy Blizzard, Jr.  


Moseley   "Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church"
         by Ron Moseley



Munk"The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet"
     by Rabbi Michael L. Munk